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Welcome to the website of the Mother Aïda Foundation, supporting the local community in Lira District in Northern Uganda. The Mother Aida Nursery and Primary school are located in Atodi Village, Omito Parish Lira Subcounty.

To have a harmonious, productive and economically empowered community for sustainable development”

Improving the living conditions of the rural communities through advocacy and empowerment”

Goat certificates

A goat for every family. As a investment, to breed and grow into a brighter future. Providing nourishment. And all of this because of our donor that buy Goat Certificates for €25,-. The number keeps rising, as does the offspring!

Products from plastic

A second life for plastic bags, to recycle trash and teach the community new ways to create and trade. Learn more about the end-products and see what might be available for you. Every sale supports an individual mother, it can be traced back to it’s maker!

Wakka Wakka lights

No power… For some a rare inconvenience, for other’s part of their daily life. With solar-charger lights, studying in the dark is no longer an obstacle to read and study. Gifts from donations that work up to the following project: solar-panels at the school.

Total funds raised so far:


200 goats placed with families: €5000,00
Transport & veterinarian costs: €1000,00
Hook project: €220,00
Bank-& administration cost, website €130,22

Becoming Self sufficient

The Foundation is dedicated to going beyond providing financial support. We ensure that the people we work among, have an outlook in life needed to reach their dreams. We do this by encouraging skills training to boost employment opportunities and income generation.

What We Do

Mother Aida Foundation supports Education of Children and the livelihood of parents to foster primary, secondary, vocational, and tertiary education tailored with life skills.

The Foundation encourages the children and parents it works among to be agents of change in their own communities with a focus to uplift the nations and make their contribution to the world.

What we value:

  • Social Justice
  • Empowerment
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Gender equality
  • Team work

About us…

The Foundation has a focus on the following words: Encouragement, Belief, Honesty and Trust.

These are inspiration based on the kindness towards young people of the Late Aida (who died on 2/2/1990). Aïda is remembered as a mother who loved, cared and supported both children and young adults in her family and the community she lived in.

Mother Aïda was know through the community as a strong pillar and dreamed of a world where the dreams of their children could come true.

27 years later in 2018,  Aïda’s daughter; Lydia Amongi started this foundation to build towards the realization of this dream.  As a professional Educationist she uses all her knowledge, influence and connections to further empower the local community and strive towards a better tomorrow.

The foundation focuses on children and the young generation to gain appropriate and good nurturing through education and empowerment of parents.

This way they will be able to see their children’s dreams come true and make their world a better place to live for other young generations to come. This goal is being realized through strategic partnership with supporters of education initiatives around the world and personal investment in education by the founding members.

The initial international funding for the foundation in 2016/2017 to support parents’ livelihoods came from Leerkrachtcoaching in the Netherlands.


Lydia Amongi

Teacher & headmaster Mother Aïda School. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Jennifer Oleko

Social worker from Lira. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Jolly Acen

Administrator in Kampala. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Joshua Onya Okebe

Social worker in Serere. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Dan Alot Okello

Engineer in Kampala. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Moses Benson Okwir

Business administration in Lira. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Apio Agnes

Peasant & community-leader in Kole. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Stella Akwir

Procurement in Dokolo. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Claude Ogwal

Engineering in Dokolo. Member tasks/role: not yet specified

Sharon Amongi

Teacher in Alebtong. Member tasks/role: not yet specified



Mother Aïda Foundation
Bank account: 2290955582 Swift/Bic KCBLUGKA
(Branche KCB Lira)

Contact information Uganda:

Project Leader: Lydia Amongi
Atodi Village, Omito Parish,
Lira Subcounty, Lira District
Tel: +256-772-633413

Contactpersoon Nederland:

Meta de Vries – Leerkrachtcoaching

Registrated foundation in Uganda:
nr: 80020001293886

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