Message for the parents Mother Aïda school because of the corona virus

As Mother Aida Foundation and Mother Aida School, we join the world in fighting Corona Virus Pandemic.
In line with the Presidential directive and Ministry of Health Guidelines, the school has been closed for 1month, Public transportation closed for 14 days.
It is a tough time because we can not give more goats to new parents, The closure of  markets is making it difficult for parents to do business yet most of them  get their income for supporting their families, children’s growth and education from such  business incomes.
1) Follow Guidelines issued by Ministry of Health.
2) Tell Children to wash their hands all the time.
3) Teach them to maintain social distance.
4) And above all strictly keep them at home.

The first cows arrived

Goat, cow and chicken

Follow up goats

We visit 6 mothers who get a goat some years ago. They take care and some of them already has 5 goats or more. The resulta are …more money for schoolfees and women who have there own goats. More independance .

Happy parents

45 goats handed over

45 goats were yesterday handed over to the parents of Mother Aida Nursery and Primary school in Lira, Uganda.

The handover ceremony was conducted by the Vice Chairperson L.C V Lira.

The goats which are donated to parents by the people of Holland is envisaged to supplement the livelihood of mothers of the school so that they are able to support education of their children.

The goats were delivered to the District Chair to hand over to the women by Meta Dvries who said, the people in her church in Netherlands look forward to support mothers.